The Limitless Living Toolkit!

A membership package helping women cultivate strength, health and happiness, while building and supporting community.

Fitness. Food Freedom.
Creating a life you love and deserve.

Weekly workouts and coaching videos from experts that help women set the foundations for living stronger, healthier and happier lives!

Exciting Membership Perks!

Kingston businesses support Limitless Living by giving a variety of discounts, perks, and exclusive offers to our members.

Speaker Socials

Members receive free access to The Limitless Living Speaker Socials. These events empower women and build community.

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“Women deserve to feel empowered to design a life they choose and one they deserve.

We need to reclaim our truths, own our worth, to be able to travel the journey of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Being supported on our unique journeys with knowledgeable and supportive people and resources is a must! 

We’re hardwired for connection and feeling a sense of belonging and for those reasons we need each other. Heck, it's for those reasons we need to ditch comparison and become true champions of one another.

There's lots of work to be done and for these reasons and more, LL was born!

-Pam Fountas