"Guiding women in building stronger, healthier and happier lives, while supporting and promoting local businesses that add value to our communities."


Owning It

We design a life we want to show up for. We believe we are enough and proudly take up space. We speak our truths unapologetically. We embrace fear because we know it will move us forward. We choose courage over comfort so that we can grow. We own it.


Business Synergy

We believe that success is available for all. Through promoting and sharing business opportunities, we create space for a thriving community. We support business synergy as a way to boost economies.


Being A Changemaker

We’re all about making an impact locally and globally. We do our part by showing up, sharing wisdom, and inviting others to make a difference.

The following Guiding Principles have been foundational to Limitless Living Ltd. since the beginning. They’ve helped thousands of women personally and professionally. They are the how to our why.

Dare NOT 2 Compare

Comparison steals joy and creates unnecessary suffering. Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we choose to own our stories, bodies, dreams, and journeys. We honour our uniqueness, we march forward, and focus on watering our own grass.

Be Present

We practice being present, especially when it is a challenge. During moments when we get overwhelmed by the past and expectations of the future, we choose to be conscious of where we let our energy go. We learn more about ourselves and the world around us through living mindfully.


The mind is powerful and we choose thoughts that support us. We believe that we can handle whatever life throws at us. We seek the people and resources to help us when we struggle - that’s not a weakness, it’s a superpower. Our thoughts create our realities, so we challenge ourselves to change them when they no longer serve us.


Committing to our bodies, minds and spirits is non-negotiable. How we choose to commit is up to us, but we realize that it’s at the core of building a life we want to show up for.

Self- Compassion

We are done with self-criticism. It makes us feel horrible and prevents us from moving towards our goals with joy. We are more motivated and inspired when we sprinkle kindness on ourselves. We choose to show ourselves compassion, particularly when the self-critical voices are loudest.