Over the past 15 years, Pam has established herself as a coach and consultant in the areas of wellness, personal development, and business. In addition to her own entrepreneurial endeavours, Pam also has professional experience with McMaster University, the YMCA, St. Lawrence College, and Queen’s University School of Business.

Pam is a change agent and a champion for women. Her current work focuses on challenging the conversations that women are having internally and externally. She is all too aware of the socio-cultural climate that holds women back personally and professionally and she is determined to spark and inspire conversations and movement that challenge the status-quo. Pam coaches women to show up unapologetically in business and life!

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Dr. Jillian Murphy is a registered, licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and an alumnus of The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). Prior to attending CCNM, she graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor Degree in Science and Kinesiology. She has dedicated the past 8 years to studying the psychology of eating, the relationship between weight and health, intuitive eating, and the best strategies for exiting the diet cycle.

Jillian Murphy, ND. works from a Health At Every Size (HAES) perspective and is the creator of the Food Freedom/Body Love Method. This program helps women tap into their body’s inner wisdom, regulate their appetites, reduce negative eating patterns, as well as improve their body image, health and life!

Essentially, she has the ability to transform women’s lives!

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Kara is one of the top Fitness Professionals in Eastern Ontario. She is a Physical Educator at the Royal Military College of Canada, a facilitator of health promotion programming, and a master in strength and conditioning. With years of education and numerous qualifications, training with Kara guarantees you a lifetime of moving well and feeling fantastic in your body.

She has trained and had exceptional impact on general population clients, and athletes of all ages, including those at the International and Olympic level. Kara is dedicated to providing people of all fitness levels with a reliable resource for long-term, sustainable health through pain free exercise; she is a personal trainer who is second-to-none!

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