After 15 years of working with women I learned that there are foundational desires women need and tools they are looking for. Through my research and observation these things didn't seem to discriminate by age, body type, level of intelligence, color of skin, sexuality or socioeconomic status.


"Women are looking to reclaim their voices, speak their truths and design a life guided by their inner compass. We’re hardwired for connection and feeling a sense of belonging, and for those reasons we need each other.

On their own unique path to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness women are seeking credible, knowledge and supportive people and resources that they can trust to help guide the way."

You told me you wanted this, needed this, and I think you darn well deserve, it so I listened!

Here's the The Limitless Living Toolkit, which is a membership available to women everywhere!

Coaching from 3 Experts

Get access to this Coaching from anywhere in the world!

Discounts, Perks, and Exclusive Products

Live in Kingston, Ontario?

With your membership you can enjoy savings and exclusive LL offers from over 60 businesses in a variety of categories:

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Limitless Living Speaker Social Events

I LOVE bringing women together and hosting events. Currently, these events happen in my hometown of Kingston, Ontario.

  • Those with an LL membership get FREE Access. Everyone is welcome!
  • Powerful guest speakers in a variety of topic areas
  • Always a charitable component
  • Local vendors